Dr Irfan Saleem

PhD - Sorbonne Business School Paris, France. Assistant Professor - Family Business Governance, Leadership and OB. Sohar University of Oman

Dr Irfan Saleem

Dr Irfan Saleem obtained his doctorate from Sorbonne Business School France and affiliated with Sohar University Oman. Dr Irfan won the Emerald award Case study competition in 2018. Lately, He has published in the area of Family Business with ranked journals.

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11 thoughts on “Case Study Development and Teaching

  1. Razzaq Ahmad says:


  2. Shafia Baber says:

    I’m did alot to write code but it’s not working

  3. Feroz Ahmed says:

    Good topic and presentation.

  4. Muhammad Akhtar says:


  5. Shahzad Iqbal says:

    Good course


    Outstanding lecture about case study development and teaching, INSHALLAH its help me best in future for research purpose. Great effort from WEBINARS.PK. ALLAH ALMIGHTY gives best reward for this hardworking.

    1. ali says:

      Thanks a lot.

  7. Iqbal Munir says:

    I have largely benefited from this platform. I am thankful to the organizers of Webinars.pk. They have offered tremendous courses so form free of cost. I think these efforts should be continued. A country where a person can hardly earn to eat, spending money on courses like these becomes difficult. By this sort of arrangement, you benefit a larger part of community. Thanks to you all.

    1. ali says:

      Thank you so much for your encouraging response. This will surely motivate us to arrange more and more courses for the students like you.

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