Learn Japanese Management System at Tokyo, Japan

A great opportunity for Pakistanis to visit Tokyo, Japan to learn the hidden key management aspects of Japanese organizations.

Start Date: 17 December, 2023
End Date:  22 December, 2023
Time: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Venue: Tokyo-Japan
Fees: Yen 225000


Learn Japanese Management System at Tokyo, Japan

Skills Development Training Program at Japan

Promoting Japanese way of thinking

Japanese Management System

A leadership training helps to develop a successful business management strategy

A must attend training program to learn the hidden key management aspects of Japanese organizations. This program will make a real difference in your key management skills by also developing the deep understanding with real life success and failures of Japanese organizations globally. Integrating Japanese Management Systems for Global Success is for those leaders who are looking for a sustainable business management system in diversified & competent business environment.

Training is hugely followed by assessments, practical, case studies, group discussion and visits outside.

Sunday Dec 17-22, 2023 – Tokyo Japan

Venue: Tokyo- Japan


This training program is for aspiring managers and leaders from multiple backgrounds having a strong need to transform organizational capabilities from archaic traditions, nurture team bond and enhance managerial/leadership skills. Emphasis will be placed upon the lessons Japanese firms are learning the hard way – their philosophies and business practices – in the midst of constant global challenges of Western rivals. Participants will not only acquire such right mindset and behavioral skills for global growth but also will be challenged and led to explore hard on how to integrate the learned essence to their own organizational and individual contexts.


Learn from Japan, get even with Japan, go beyond Japan



  • Learn the essence of what makes Japanese companies strong and resilient and vulnerable and losing self-confidence against western tsunami of global competition.
  • Reflect upon one’s own SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – and bring back one’s own UVP (Unique Value Proposition) to install into own next move right away.
  • Redefine one’s own managerial and leadership styles from Japanese experiences and dump traditional binds fixated in their socio-cultural context. build team bond and discover new global savvy ways of management and leadership.
  • Empower all participants with fresh in-depth insights and field-sourced stories in order to enable them to get ahead of competition by integrating the essence of Japanese management systems into their own individual situations.

End Benefits

  1. Essence of Challenges and Lessons of Japanese Management and business practices.
  1. Be able to develop most lucrative management strategy to avoid failures in global competitive environment.
  1. Develop deep understanding as how to integrate Japanese management knowhow into organizational and individual contexts of each participant’s for better strategic management approach.
  1. New managerial and leadership capabilities and mindset to be effective in global business growth by way of pre-seminar 360 assessment about participant’s capabilities.
  1. SWOT analysis four window chart on one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in global competition with new variants of SWOT.
  1. A chance to networking with like-minded people.
  1. Japanese certificate will be awarded upon completion of the training which is recognized everywhere in the world.
  1. An opportunity to learn and experience interesting facts about most sophisticated nation in the world; and much more.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani citizen aged between 20 to 65 years.
  • Having sound health.
  • Can speak and understand English language.
  • Eager to learn the Japanese way of thinking.
  • Willing to come back to Pakistan and shared the acquired knowledge with peers.
  • Mid to top management can apply for this training.
  • Participants from all industries can participate in this training.

Trainer’s Profile

Takashi Kawatani is undoubtedly world’s renowned cross-cultural management consultant, award winning author and TV Host, engaged with training and research in 20 countries in Asia Pacific, US, Europe for multinational firms, universities, and government, as well as post-merger integration of M&A of Japanese firm by Western buyer. He is researcher on Global HRD, Japanese Style Management, Cross-cultural Leadership and Diversity management.


17 Dec 2023 Sun Day 1 Arrival at Tokyo
18 Dec 2023 Mon Day 2 “ Opening Ceremony”
09:30AM-09:40AM Welcome to the participant
09:40AM-09:50AM Opening Remarks
09:50AM-10-00AM Introduction of participants
10:00AM-10:30AM Ice-breaking & Tea & Photo Session
Training & Case study
10:30AM-01:00PM Key words taught at executive education around the world.
Three mind frameworks and behaviors old-new-global.
Philosophical background of Japanese style management.
01:00PM-02:00PM Lunch
02:00PM-03:30PM Cross-cultural simulation ~ challenges of understanding and
misunderstanding across cultures.
Dialogic Leadership Process – discoveries from 360 assessment.
Analysis and presentation of behavioral changes required of each
03:30PM-04:00PM Tea Break
04:00PM-05:00PM Video case study 1
From culture clash to collaboration of Japanese firms in Tokyo and
19 Dec 2023 Tue Day-3  “ Training & Case Studies”
09:00AM-11:00AM Strengths and vulnerabilities of Japanese style business.
Three organizational approaches to managing cultural diversity.
Japanese motivation strategies – socio-cultural implications.
11:00AM-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30AM-01:00PM 20 Japanese behaviors despised by non-Japanese employees.
Core reasons why Japanese leaders fail to engage global workers.
International criticisms against and untold rationale behind
Japanese behaviors
Case analysis 1: decision-making at a Japanese firm
01:00PM-02:00PM Lunch
02:00PM-4:00PM Case analysis 2: gaining and losing trust of Japanese partners
*Roleplaying a Japanese manager and a foreign employee
20 Dec 2023 Wed Day-4 “Training & Case Studies”
09:00AM-10:30AM Profile of a “good boss” in Japan
Organizing principles of Japan and West
10:30AM:11:00AM Tea Break
11:00AM:01:00PM Designing an ideal organizational model effective in participant’s
01:00PM-02:00PM Lunch
02:00PM-03:00PM Iconic leaders of Japan and Singapore ~ minds and behaviors of
nation building
Video case study 2
Working with Japanese ~ challenges and lessons of a Bangladesh IT
engineer of a Japanese firm
03:00PM-04:00PM Japanese SWOT analysis & presentation of each participant
Guidelines of collaborating with Japanese partners
21 Dec 2023 Thu Day 5 “ Training & Observatory Cultural visit”
10:00AM-01:00PM Experience Zen Philosophy targeting team work
01:00AM:02:00AM Japanese “Cultural Food Experience”
02:00PM:03:00PM Experience Japanese Craftsmanship
06:00PM:07:00 PM Return
22 Dec, 2023 Fri Day 6 – Closing Day & Certification
09:00AM-11:00AM Skills Practices, Presentations
11:00AM:11:30AM Tea break and check out
11:30AM-12:00AM Closing speech by organizer
12:00AM-12:30AM Distribution of Certificates by Chief Guest
12:30AM-12:30PM Group Photo and Gathering
12:00PM-01:00PM Farewell Lunch

This is indicative program which can be modified / changed / rescheduled upon the cross border circumstances , covid 19 and others without prior notice.


Important Dates & Events


Deadline to apply 10 Nov 2023
Fee submission 10 Nov 2023
Visa to be applied 15 Nov 2023
Visa decision to be conveyed 30 Nov, 2023
Arrival to Japan 17 Dec 2023
Training Commence 18 Dec 2023
Training Ends 22 Dec 2023 & Departure


Training Cost & Inclusive

Cost of the training to be paid by participants: 225,000 Yen.

Inclusive of 6 days accommodation with 3 meals, Training tuition fee, visa invitation, classroom contribution, study material, stationary, get to gather, refreshments, study visits, local traveling for study purpose, facilitator, consumption tax, certificate etc. (air ticket and personal shopping and transfer from airport to institute is not included)

In addition to 225,000 Yen, Application processing fee 52,500PKR + SRB (non-refundable) must also be submitted.

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Start: 17 December, 2023
End:   22 December, 2023

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM



Certificate Included

Yen 225000