Road and Pavements

Construction of road and road reinstatement, pavement, bus bays, open car parks and related works such as kerbs, foot-ways.

Bridge Structures

Construction of concrete, masonry, timber or steel bridges.Installation of all types of piling sheet piles, driven precast reinforced and prestressed concrete piles, bored cast in situ piles and timber piles etc.

Marine Structures

Construction of marine structure such as jetties, ports, wharves, harbours, sea and river walls offshore construction works etc.

Dams/Water Retaining Structures

Construction of water retaining structure such as dams, reservoirs,aqueducts, treatment plants, pipe laying works etc.

Offshore Works

Offshore construction works including related works.

Tunneling and underpinning

Tunneling and underpinning works.

Railways Tracks

Installation of railway tracks, distressing of rails and tracks.

Oil and Gas Pipe Lines

Installation, maintenance and repair of oil and gas pipelines.

Sewerage Works

Sewerage pipelines, disposal works, sewerage treatment works and allied works.

General Civil Engineering Works

General civil engineering works, including earthworks, sub-soil drainage, etc.

Soil Investigation and Stabilization

Services include sampling, investigation and testing services to determine soil classifications, strength and composition.