Digital Teaching (Virtual Learning for All)

This Training will cover important concepts like Distance Education, Transformation of Education through Technology, Interactive Basis for Virtual Discussions, and Utilization of Technology.

Date: 01 January, 1970
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Venue: YouTube
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Digital Teaching (Virtual Learning for All)

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Change is a permanent phenomenon. Successful Individuals, organizations and nations always update themselves according to today’s need; they always get success and people call them as ‘visionaries’. We Pakistanis are lucky as our nations always break the ice and present fresh ideas, both in social and pure sciences. and Knowledge Pakistan are two important stakeholders in the educational sector of training and learning of Pakistan; add value for digital learning and virtual trainings besides provision of support to faculty and students in management sciences. We understand that there is a perpetual need to learn new skills, acquire knowledge and gain qualification are most relevant in today’s technologically driven market place.


Now, in corona days, Pakistani educationists and students also have challenges to update themselves at all fronts related to their education. By this training Mr. Munawar Hameed Mangalwala, founder educationist, will impart knowledge in an hour ‘Digital Teaching (Virtual Learning for All)’ starts from the concept of MOOC and will take your brains to the concepts of taciturn in the world of digital technology. Today’s connected classrooms are essential not only for both teachers and for students, but also parent’s understanding to virtual reality is essential. Multimedia channels and digital platforms are part of our day-to-day life, and it keep-connected countries in the age of social distance and keep engage people across the globe in self-direct learning in all domain of lives. We must care that globalization must not break down.


This training will cover important concepts like, distance education, transformation of education through technology, interactive basis for virtual discussions, and utilization of technology from creation of fun to serious scientific issues, as well as there are many other attractive topics related to virtual teaching and learning.




  1. MOOC- Massive open online courses.
  2. Distance Education.
  3. Transformation of Education through Technology.
  4. Blending method of learning. (WhatsApp, Video Chat, Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Classroom, emails.)
  5. Interactive discussion.
  6. New generation takes interest in digital language.
  7. Create a community- Your class is your community.
  8. Social, fun and a new experience.
  9. Teaching moments can become learning outcomes.
  10. Key concepts and in minimum words and say all

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01 January, 1970

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM



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